Monday, 17 November 2008

Daxlore Yanar and Daxlore Khiram

Daxlore Yanar (Daxlore Dezi x Ch Aziz Qesas Daxlore) and Daxlore Khiram (Daxlore Dezi x Daxlore Carima) owned by Francesca Zampini have both won Best Junior in Show awards at international shows in Italy.


In Budapest (4th October) Yanar was RIS BIS Junior at the Club Seiger under Mr El Baraoudi and 25th October he was Best In Show Junior (All breeds) at Reggio Calabria International Show, Italy, under Mr V Nataletti.


On 26th October Daxlore Khiram was BIS 3 under Mr Bodegard.

At the International dog show in Viterbo, Italy, on 9th November, Khiram was Best in Show Junior (All breeds) under Mr Blumel.