Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Litter: Daxlore Dezi x Daxlore Bashira born 30/4/09

We wish our puppies from the above litter and their owners success and enjoyment of each other.

Daxlore Bashra at Shamilah (Bashra) fawn grizzle dog,owned by Mme Isabelle Aubouer, France.

Daxlore Bianca (Barley) cream bitch,owned by Mr and Mrs David Morris, France.

Daxlore Bellisima (Violette) cream bitch, owned by Ms Perdita Pierce-Jones, Switzerland.

Daxlore Bisou of Shaybani (Olivia) fawn grizzle bitch, owned by Mrs Elaine Sutton (Spain).

Monday, 3 August 2009

Puppies born 28.04.2009 Aziz Barakat Daxlore x Daxlore Diva

We wish our puppies and their owners success and great enjoyment of each other:

Daxlore Diaz (Diaz) cream dog owned by Ms Audrey Haas, Canada

Daxlore Danarius (Laki) black-fringed fawn dog owned by Mr Ricardo Oliveira, Portugal.

Daxlore Dimitri
(Enki) black-fringed fawn dog,owned by Mrs Jane Taylor Marsh and Mrs Michou Bouysse, France.

Daxlore Dinar
(Thaybaan) black-fringed fawn dog,owned by HRH Sultan Fahd Salman, SaudiArabia.

Daxlore Dijon (Dijon) cream dog, owned by Mrs Antoinette Morrison, Australia.

Daxlore D’Elixyr (Elixyr) black-fringed fawn bitch, owned by Ms Dorine Dulain, France.

Daxlore Dahra Dinara (Dahra) black-fringed fawn bitch, owned by Mr and Mrs F Broc, France.

Daxlore Delphi (Delphie) cream bitch, owned by Ms Christine Lessard, Canada.

Not forgetting
Daxlore Dior (Miro) black-fringed fawn dog, who will remain with us.