Monday, 15 February 2010

Daxlore Bashra at Shamilah

Daxlore Bashra at Shamilah, owned by Isabelle Aubouer, was awarded First place and Excellent in the young Saluki dog class in his first junior class at the age of just 9 1/2 months, at Niort International Show on 14th February by judge Mr M Coppel of France.

He was also awarded Best Young (Junior) Saluki and was placed third in the Young (Junior) Group.

Mr Coppel said of him in his report: "Very nicely put together subject who needs to develop a little more depth of chest. Very good head and neck, top- and underlines, still needs to develop spring of rib, excellent front and rear angulation, excellent tail, very good feet and movement coming and going, side action still has to settle".

Daxlore D'Elyxir

Daxlore D'Elyxir, owned by Dorine Dulain, was awarded First place and Excellent in the young bitch Saluki class at Niort International Show on Sunday 14th February at the age of nine months. The judge, Mr M Coppel (France) said of her in his report:

"Nicely put together subject; very good head, very good neck, very good top and underline, chest which has to develop, very good angulation front and rear, very good tail, very good feet, slightly loose in elbows going and coming, correct seen from the side".

Daxlore Dazijane and Daxlore Daania

Daxlore Dazijane, owned by Gloria Cook and Alan Burtenshaw, was awarded Best of Breed at Darlington Open Show on the weekend of 7th February.

Her housemate, Daxlore Daania, celebrated her third birthday by winning best of Breed and Hound Group 2 under Mr Ernie Hill at Jarrow and Hebburn Society Show on 14th February.