Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Daxlore Gabriella

Daxlore Gabriella,owned by Sophy Jarry, was awarded 1st Saluki Puppy, Best Saluki Puppy and Best Puppy in Show 3 at Poitiers Int Show on 23rd October.

Breed judge Mr M Brassat Lapeyrie said of her: "Pretty subject, very feminine, excellent expression, lacking a little chin, excellent neck, topline and underline, excellent croup, thighs and hocks. Forequarters could be more angulated, excellent feet and tail. The chest needs to develop. Gait and movement correct".

Daxlore D'Elyxir

Daxlore D'Elyxir, owned by Dorine Dulaine, was awarded the CACS and RCACIB (the latter upgraded to CACIB) by Mr. Brassat Lapeyrie at Poitiers Int Show on 23rd October.

The judge said of her: " Pretty subject. Excellent type and size, beautiful head, excellent expression, excellent neck, underline, croup and rear quarters. Front angulation could be more marked, beautiful chest, excellent feet, tail carried a little gaily, gait correct, movement could be a little more dynamic.