Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Daxlore Gabriella

Daxlore Gabriella ( Daxlore Dior x Daxlore Carima), aged just six months, owned by Sophie Jarry, was awarded 1st Excellent Puppy TP (Very Promising) and Best Puppy at her first show on 10th September at Conty by Mrs Pauline Hewitt of Australia Mrs Hewitt said of her:

Cream bitch. Very beautiful head, lovely oval eyes, long neck, balanced standing and moving, good topline, effortless light and lifting movement".

At the National elevage, FALAPA where she was placed second in the 6-9 month class, Mr G.F. Bredault (Fr) said of her "Six months, very pretty subject, pretty head, very good neck and excellent top line, chest still needs to drop, angulations already well developed, good movement"