Monday, 13 September 2010

Daxlore Bashra at Shamilah

Daxlore Bashra at Shamilah,owned by Isabelle Aubouer, was awarded Ist Intermediate Saluki, CAC and RCACIB by Mrs Delerue of Portugal, judge of the Saluki Specialty at Pontoise International Show on 12th September at the age of 16 months.

She said of him:
Typical construction, correct head, good neck, good topline, good chest for his age, correct balance, well angulated, good movement. Typical coat".

Daxlore D'Elyxir

Daxlore D'Elyxir, owned by Dorine Dulain, was awarded the following at La Roche Sur Yon on 12th September:

  • Excellent, Best Juinior and Best of Breed Saluki
  • Best Saluki Junior, Group 10
  • Best Junior in Show 5
  • Best in Group 3.
Saluki breed judge, Mme Desserne, wrote in her report:
"Very attractive subject, beautiful head and expression and beautiful eyes.Good jaw, good shoulder and angulation, excellent chest for her age, excellent length of loin,attractive, distinguished gait, a little wide in rear".