Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Daxlore Dezi

It has come to our attention over recent weeks that several malicious and unfounded rumours have been circulating about Daxlore Dezi.

It is being claimed that Dezi is infertile and that he is not the sire of a litter born to Daxlore Bashira in April 2009.

As a result of this claim, Dezi (identified by his registered tattoo number) was sperm tested on 11th October and a veterinary certificate was obtained stating that he is fertile, with normal sperm mobility and with no morphological abnormalities.

DNA tests will show that Dezi is indeed the father of the litter, which includes Daxlore Bashra and Daxlore Bisou, born 30th April 2009.

Given the damage to the reputation of the Daxlore kennel and to our personal integity, we have been obliged to seek legal advice regarding the action to be taken against the person known to be the source of the rumours. Similar action will be taken against other parties found to be circulating and/or elaborating the above damaging allegations.

Monday, 18 October 2010

Daxlore Bisou of Shaybani

Daxlore Bisou of Shaybani,owned by Elaine Sydney, was awarded Ist Exc Intermediate Saluki Bitch CAC, CACIB at Martorell International Show on 15th October by Adrian Argente (Sp).

UK judge Denise Courtney , who awarded Bisou Ist Junior Saluki Bitch at the City of Birmingham Championship Show, said of her (Our Dogs 22nd October):
" Lovely young lady who was impressive on the move. Beautiful head with gentle expression. Elegant neck of good length, nice layback of shoulder. Good topline, and underline. Looked balanced stood and on the move. Beautifully presented and handled".

Monday, 11 October 2010

Daxlore Bashra at Shamililah

Daxlore Bashra at Shamilah,owned by Isabelle Aubouer, gained Ist Excellent intermediate Saluki at Orleans International Show on Sunday 10th October under Sade Hohteri (Finland) who said of him in her report:" Very nice tall dog, beautiful lines, excellent head and expression, nice neck, very good quarters, nice topline, good body for age, very nice movement, light gait".

Thursday, 7 October 2010

Daxlore D'Elyxir


Daxlore D'Elyxir
, owned by Dorine Dulain, was awarded First Junior Bitch at Falapa on 20th September by Mr Colas who said of her:
"16 months, excellent specimen, excellent head, eye, neck, shoulder, croup, top and underline. Good ear carriage. Beautiful feminine expression. Very good movement in profile".