Monday, 3 August 2009

Puppies born 28.04.2009 Aziz Barakat Daxlore x Daxlore Diva

We wish our puppies and their owners success and great enjoyment of each other:

Daxlore Diaz (Diaz) cream dog owned by Ms Audrey Haas, Canada

Daxlore Danarius (Laki) black-fringed fawn dog owned by Mr Ricardo Oliveira, Portugal.

Daxlore Dimitri
(Enki) black-fringed fawn dog,owned by Mrs Jane Taylor Marsh and Mrs Michou Bouysse, France.

Daxlore Dinar
(Thaybaan) black-fringed fawn dog,owned by HRH Sultan Fahd Salman, SaudiArabia.

Daxlore Dijon (Dijon) cream dog, owned by Mrs Antoinette Morrison, Australia.

Daxlore D’Elixyr (Elixyr) black-fringed fawn bitch, owned by Ms Dorine Dulain, France.

Daxlore Dahra Dinara (Dahra) black-fringed fawn bitch, owned by Mr and Mrs F Broc, France.

Daxlore Delphi (Delphie) cream bitch, owned by Ms Christine Lessard, Canada.

Not forgetting
Daxlore Dior (Miro) black-fringed fawn dog, who will remain with us.